3Dmed Diagnostics completes its first round of financing of RMB 280 million, CEC Capital Group serves as exclusive financial advisor


3DMed Diagnostic (the “Company”), a leader in the field of accurate tumor diagnosis in China, recently completed a financing of RMB 280 million for its diagnostics business segment. The financing round was jointly led by China Resources Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Fund, Shandong Luxin High-tech Industry Co. Ltd., and the Shandong Transportation Industry Development Fund.

After serving as exclusive financial advisor for 3D Medicines, the parent company of 3DMed Diagnostic, in its first round of financing, CEC Capital Group continued to serve as exclusive financial advisor for the first round of financing for 3DMed Diagnostic after it was spun-off from the parent company.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd., China Equity Investment Co. Ltd., Fun Way Capital, Guangzhou Guofa Venture Capital, and other funds jointly participated in the investment. Among them, Luxin Ventures, China Equity Investment Co., and Fun Way Capital increased their holdings as existing shareholders. This was the first round of external financing raised for the diagnostics company after its spin-off from 3D Medicines.

Founded in December 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai, 3D Medicines is a leading precision oncology company in China. In 2018, due to the rapid development of the company's business and the need to focus on different capital markets, the company decided to separate its diagnostics and drug R&D businesses, and prepare for them to be listed on different capital markets in the future. 3DMed Diagnostic will continue to focus on accurate tumor diagnosis, while 3D Medicines is committed to the research and development of cancer drugs. 

The first round of financing after the spin-off of 3DMed Diagnostic will be mainly used for product development, including follow-up product pipeline development of ANDiS (the world's first fully closed automated NGS platform), the development of early tumor diagnosis products based on its exosomal platform, and expansion of the company’s third-party testing service product pipeline. 

About 3DMed Diagnostic

3DMed Diagnostic was originally the precision diagnostic business segment of 3D Medicines, from which it spun off in 2018. The Company is a leader in the field of precision tumor diagnosis, and was one of the first to launch its platform in China. 3DMed Diagnostic has formed a comprehensive R&D platform that integrates equipment engineering, life sciences, material sciences, and data analysis. The Company’s platform has the ability to realize the development and manufacturing of fully automated operating systems. The firm has the world’s first fully automated NGS library preparation platform, and the world’s leading early tumor diagnosis marker (Exosomes) development platform. 

Additionally, a number of China's first auxiliary diagnostic and companion diagnostic products based on the above platforms are in clinical trials or are about to enter clinical trials. The Company also has a number of third-party inspection institutes, which have authoritative CAP/CLIA qualifications and have obtained qualifications from the National Gene Testing Technology Application Demonstration Center. The Company's precision diagnosis marketing network covers more than 70% of China’s core tertiary hospitals, serving more than 800 hospitals. To these hospitals, the Company provides a full range of precision medical full-process management products and services from early tumor diagnosis to targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and postoperative dynamic monitoring.

About CEC Capital Group

Founded in 2000, CEC Capital Group is one of China’s leading investment banks focusing on the three major industries of healthcare, consumer, and TMT. The company is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai. Its US affiliate, China eCapital Partners, LLC, has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In the three years from 2017 to 2019, CEC Capital Group has participated in financing and M&A transactions valued at a total of more than RMB 100 billion. In addition to its investment banking business, CEC Capital Group has been managing an RMB fund and a USD fund since 2014. 

CEC Capital Group has the healthcare industry’s largest dedicated investment banking coverage team in China, with comprehensive coverage of the entire ecosystem and a market-leading position in the industry. The firm has advised on the largest number of healthcare-related private capital financing transactions over the past three years among China-based investment banks.

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