SinoMab Completes Pre-IPO Financing


China’s leading therapeutic antibody R&D company, SinoMab Bioscience Limited (“SinoMab”) just completed a Pre-IPO round of financing, securing some hundreds of millions in RMB. This round of investment was co-led by Zhongjin Zhide Equity Investment Management (an investment arm of China International Capital Corporation Limited) and Apricot Capital. SinoMab also announced that it will begin work on its IPO. 

CEC Capital Group served as the sole financial adviser to SinoMab during this round of financing.

SinoMab is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that creates and develops therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of life-threatening and other debilitating diseases. SinoMab was established in 2001 by Dr. Shawn Leung. Dr. Leung previously served as a visiting professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has served as the President at the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology and a Consultant at the Biotechnology Consulting Group at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Dr. Leung was the first scientist in the world to propose the concept of “functionally humanized drugs” and the first scientist in the world to successfully develop a humanized anti-CD22 monoclonal antibody. In 2018, he was appointed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a Consultant to the first Consultant Team of the Biotechnology Advisory Group. Dr. Leung has more than 20 years of experience in the development and industrialization of the production of monoclonal antibodies. After, 10 years of development, SinoMab has established a novel pharmaceutical production platform with anti-CD22 monoclonal antibody treatments as one of its core products. SinoMab has completed clinical testing for several of its first-in-class monoclonal antibodies for autoimmune diseases (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.) and cancers/tumors (i.e. non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, etc.). The speed of R&D at SinoMab is faster than industry competitors. SinoMab’s core products are already in stage three of clinical trials in renowned hospitals in China. They have received support through China’s National 863 Program and other important programs. Currently, SinoMab has research centers and production bases in the Chinese cities of Shenzhen, Haikou, and Suzhou.

As Dr. Shawn Leung, SinoMab’s Founder, explained, “SinoMab is based in China but dedicated to contributing to the advancement of the global medical industry through the development of innovative monoclonal antibodies that can treat and cure refractory diseases—or diseases that are hard to cure. Thanks to CICC Capital and Apricot Capital, SinoMab will continue to innovate, enrich product pipelines, accelerate global clinical processes, and contribute to the improved health of patients with autoimmune diseases and refractory diseases in China and around the world.”

Senlin Liu, Head of Zhongjin Zhide’s Medical Investment Team, commented, “We have recently been most interested in companies that have product portfolios with proven clinical value. Thus, we are very happy to have this opportunity to work with SinoMab—a leader in China’s industry for innovative biopharmaceuticals for autoimmune diseases, a company with sizeable room for growth, and a company with an impressive product portfolio. We value the industry experience and advanced technologies of the SinoMab team. We are looking forward to the contributions that SinoMab will make to the efficacy and safety of the pharmaceutical industry. With access to top-quality resources, CICC will do its best to support the development of SinoMab!”

When asked about this financing project, Wenyi Liu, Founding Partner of Apricot Capital, remarked, “So as to fulfill our role as ‘Top Entrepreneur Partner’, Apricot Capital will continue to invest and support the development of SinoMab. The innovation, clinical testing, and antibody production capabilities of SinoMab are outstanding. We observed that the third-stage clinical testing went smoothly, the product pipeline R&D is solid, and the construction of the pharmaceutical production base is progressing. Thus, Apricot Capital is confident that SinoMab will become China’s leading platform for innovative antibody R&D and production. Apricot Capital is happy to make follow-up investments to support the entrepreneurial success of SinoMab.

When asked about this financing project, Ms. Irene Hong, Partner of CEC Capital Group, commented, “SinoMab is a definitive leader in Hong Kong’s innovative pharmaceutical industry. The achievements of SinoMab reflect the achievements of the industry at large. SinoMab is also one of the few companies in the Greater China region to have first-in-class biopharmaceuticals. The core products of SinoMab, such as the anti-CD22 antibody treatments, position it at the forefront of global pharmaceutical development. As China’s government increases the strictness of its regulations on generic drugs and supplementary drugs, the companies with truly innovative products and capabilities are most likely to rise to the top. That said, we are confident that SinoMab will become a leader in China’s industry for innovative biopharmaceuticals.”

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